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They manage everything for me. Websites, socials, copywriting, profiles, SEO, ads everything. Very happy so far.

Freddy – SC

Therapist Profile

Brighter Vision

✕ N/A Nothing
✕ Reused & duplicate content
✕ HushMail reseller / premade
✕ 288/400 site performance
✕ Outdated design
✕ 70% optimized SEO scores
✕ 100s of outdated SM posts
✕ N/A Nothing
✕ N/A Nothing
✕ N/A Nothing
✕ N/A Nothing
✕ N/A Nothing
✕ N/A Nothing

Therapy Sites

✕ Psychology Today reseller
✕ Write it yourself
✕ HushMail reseller / premade
✕ 276/400 site performance
✕ Poor user experience design
✕ 50% optimized SEO scores
✕ 0 social media post content
✕ Booking calendar no syncing
✕ N/A Nothing
✕ N/A Nothing / Extra $$
✕ N/A Nothing
✕ N/A Nothing / Extra $$
✕ N/A Nothing syncing

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I don’t like writing. I don’t know how to manage my website well. I just don’t have time. This is a life saver.
Alynne – NC


The pandemic was the push I needed to go private practice. Jason is the support I needed to succeed.
Cami – NC

Everything, done for you!

Hi, I’m Jason and I’d like to welcome you to the bottom of this page. Thank you for scrolling this far. Some of you might be wondering just who is this Jason fella and why should I partner with him. I’ll tell you why!

Jason, the head hat wearer

For 15 years I’ve been developing website, designing user experiences, running SEO & marketing campaigns, and copywriting much so I think my fingers are shorter. Wells Fargo trusted me to do it for them full time. So did LegalHub, and many other clients just like you.

Also, as someone who’s been a therapy client for years in the past, and married to a therapist, I had the opportunity to get first hand knowledge of the psychotherapist journey from the first day of grad school, to interning, to corporate sweat-shops, to private practice.

My unique insight into your journeys and knowing what clients actually want, combined my unique skillset & experience making client connections simple & seamless online, makes me one of the best candidates to consider helping grow your practice.

My most recent therapist client stated, “He know’s his sh*t”

After all, how do you think you found me 😉