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Hi, my name is Jason Davis. I’m originally from, and live in, Charlotte, NC. I’m 43 years old and a father of two, Scarlett (14) and Van (12).

I have a story like we all do. My story, like most stories, is checkered with successes and failures, ups and downs, ins and outs. One day I’ll publish more about it but the purpose of the post is to introduce myself and give readers insight into who’s behind and why it matters.

I’ll try to stick with relevant facts that matter.

First thing’s first. I love doing this. It keeps me awake, and If I’m asleep, it wakes me up. I wrote the original marketing letter, published it on the homepage, and emailed it to a friend around 3:00 am. Many mornings I roll aver at 4:00 am, no alarms, and reach for my MacBook and work until it’s time to wake my kids for school.

This work, this life, this project and others like it ruminate in my head all day. Sorry, this little factoid is crass, but I don’t doom scroll on the Jon or play candy crush until my legs fall asleep. Instead, I write. I research. I seek solutions. I test hypotheses. I read analytics. Obsess much? Yes.

I love a good challenge

If you want to see a 6′ 5″ man jump up and down over a single organic web click from a 3,000 word article published 6 weeks prior, come to my house. It’s me, I’m the jumper.

Naturally, I bring this enthusiasm with me to and, like a Pit-bull Terrier with his favorite toy tied to a rope hanging from a tree branch, I’ve firmly clamped down on this platform and I tug.

I hang from that branch and I tug and I refuse to let go. It’s because of this same tenacity I landed a high profile design job at Wells Fargo years back. Why is that significant?

dog tugging on rope toy

I’ve never attended college. I’ve never worked a corporate job. In fact, prior to that gig with Wells, I had never held a job professionally that I was hired to do at Wells.

Talk about imposter syndrome! I’m seated beside and working with people with PHD’s in design, human factoring, philosophy & art, and other things I never even knew existed.

One of my peers there helped invent and co-founded But, I wasn’t out of my element. They looked at me as some kind of user experience unicorn because I could code, design, test & refine without any formal training, education, or professional experience.

Unicorn is a phrase I would never and will never use to describe myself. I’m no unicorn, I’m Jason and I love what I do.

How does this fit into

I learned things. I was there 4 years before I left to be my own CEO and lead designer, building native applications on blockchain for iOS and Android with a team of 7 I hired after raising $2,000,000 in Bitcoin with a power point presentation.

Yep, that happened and that company failed. I’m thankful it did.

I’m a user experience designer. More specifically, I’m what’s called an Interaction Designer. I design the interactions of user interfaces and user experiences for large scale human-based platforms with complex architecture. It’s based in human factoring and psychology. I taught myself.

In order to be great at the job I also had to be a copywriter. Formally, it’s not part of the job description because we worked with Content Strategist. But in my head, when I envisioned and experience, I HAD to know what the copy was going to be. Every character and pixel mattered.

I should back up some…

I spent years prior to that Wells Fargo job building websites as a freelancer and lead product developer for a startup.

I built 1,000s of websites. Wrote 1,000s of pages. Studied analytics and pay-per-click marketing campaigns. I studied and became a student of marketing, more specifically, lead generation.

I was determined to master it.

Eventually I left that company and landed the job at Wells. However, even before that I started from scratch. I started to teach myself web development.

I would stay awake for 20 hours straight staring at a computer screen reading what felt like foreign languages. I was confused and defeated constantly.

Over time I found myself leaning toward the design and started building with WordPress in 2007. I didn’t care how it worked and what it took. I wanted this One Thing to look a very specific way.

So you know, that requires code too, but it’s a different coding language. I didn’t study design software like adobe so I could just make backgrounds and pictures, no. I studied code to make things look pretty live on the website.

wordpress theme from 2007
WordPress Theme from 2007

That image above was a popular WordPress theme in 2007. Just, no.

Here’s where the therapy part comes in

The mother of my kids became a therapist during our marriage. She attended Lesley University to become an expressive arts therapist. That was nearly 11 years ago. She’s now a practitioner counseling people with eating disorders. Bless her.

However, because of what I do and what she needed for her own business ventures in therapy, I spent time studying the industry and tools available. I learned things.

One of those things is that most of the software for this industry aren’t user friendly, too complex, or too self-serving. Most of the services and platforms available continue to miss the same marks by miles. With my background above hopefully

I’m beginning to paint a picture for you. Maybe I’m a design snob? Maybe I’m being too hard on the industry? But the amount of work and education it takes to become a therapist. The hoops and effort therapists must jump through to grow and succeed and then they are given sh*t tools? No thanks, I want better for you all.


So here we are. I want to leverage my tenacity, talents, and tenure to convert seekers into sessions for therapists.

I want to showcase therapists and I want them to shine. I want to use best practices and semantic formatting to grow, rank, and build a platform we can all be a happy with.

Eventually, I think I will get into software for therapists. For now, I want to start by connecting dots, easily and seamlessly, for prospective clients and their soon-to-be therapists, because… mental health matters.

I matter. You matter. They matter. We matter. This matters.

If you are a therapist and read this and you want to join the founding team here and build your practice with perks I cannot afford to give away in the future. Join here.

I plan to be amazing so you can be amazing.


Jason “just no” Davis



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